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Hiking roads

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Distance Duration Remarks
Around Lac des Settons 15 km 4h -
Around Moux en Morvan 15,6 km - Three steps, 180m incline
Around Morvan - - GR 13

Around the Lac des Settons
(shown in red)

Around Moux-en-Morvan

Yellow and green signs

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Carte du tour de Moux en Morvan


Length of the trip 15.6 km - Can be done into 3 steps.

1st SECTION: 6.8 km 1

HIGHLIGHT: Departure from MOUX EN MORVAN (502 m) to climb up the Mont MOUX (691 m) highest point of the commune.

Go by the church, climb up the rue du Chataignier up to the Hôtel Beau Site and just after go down the path. After walking 1.5 Km you can see just before the fir trees plantation a panoramic view on the village and its typical morvandiau environment
300 m further, in the opening between 2 lines of trees, good view on the valley and the little village of Chaumien and beyond the bell-tower of Ménessaire.
After a 2.6 Km walk you will arrive on the D121 road. At this place you can see on the other side of the secondary road the little village of Montsermage and beyond the Christmas trees plantation the ponds of the Voûte Monnaie.
Follow the DI21 road on your left, in the direction of Chaumien (approximately 800 M). Then turn on your left to go down the GR Bibracte/Alésia, direction Alésia.
Going down you will have a beautiful view on Chaumien and its marvellous surrounding. On the horizon will appear the Patuet farm and on your left the little village of Guize.
After a 5.6 Km walk, when arriving to the Croix de Cerizot, leave the GR and follow the D288 road on your right in the direction of Guize.
When going through the village, you turn on your left "scierie" then go down the dirt track. After a walk of 500 m will appear a panoramic view on Bise and Bellevue. End of this 1st section: Etang de Chazelle on the D302 road.

2nd SECTION: 4.3 km 2

HIGHLIGHT: on the ridge road: an outstanding panoramic view.

When coming from the 1st section go across the D302 road and follow the little road. Keep on the left for 300 m and turn on your right between the 2 houses and follow the dirt track.
After 1.3 Km walking on the ridge "le haut des champs" marvellous views on the little villages of the west side of Moux and the mountains.
1 Km further, after the fir trees plantations, you will see from the left to the right : the Bise castle, the Perruchots hamlet, Moux downtown, the artisan area, the hamlet of Chassagne, Larchotte, and all around the Christmas trees fields (a speciality of our village as well as the Charolaise - white cows - in the meadows).
After walking 900 m you will just see the bel1-tower of Moux , the hamlet of Chassagne and from the left to the right the mountains; Moux (691 m), les Pinoits (634 m), Panet (664 m). When leaving the path turn on your left, direction Chassagne, and then follow the little road up to the D 121 road.

3rd SECTION: 4.5 km 3

HIGHLIGHT: the maquis des Fiottes, high place of the Resistance movement (2nd WW).

When coming from the 2nd section go across the DI21 road and the hamlet of Chassagne and follow the signs indicating Maquis des Fiottes (little road then dirt track).
After walking 2.1 Km you arrive to the Maquis (you will see the stele at 50 m on the right)
Turn on your left follow the path (approximately 900 m) then turn on your left (twice) for coming back to Moux. After walking 1.2 Km you will cross the hamlet of Bellevue (little road) and arrive to the D 121 road. Then follow the road to Moux downtown.

Downtown you will find: hotels, restaurants, lodging, camping, grocer’s shop, butcher’s shop, baker’s shop, bar, garage and gasoline, taxi, past, generalshop, potter’s workshop, Cyber- Village.

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