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Bar with green keys
Point at a key to activate a menu. Then click on one of the links.
Démonstration : To find a camping site, point at Lodging, and click on Campings. The Camping selection then comes up on the left (blue window) and at the bottom. Click on “La Cabane Verte” and the text relating to this camping site shows up.

Blue window
The topic containing the article in use remains displayed. It is therefore not necessary to go back to the green menu if you wish to surf from an article to another one under the same topic.
Demonstration : From the article on “La Cabane Verte” camping, it is possible to go from camping site to camping site by clicking in the blue window.

Just underneath the photo, the “path” indicates under which topics the article in use is located. To go back up the sequence of topics, click on the relevant subjects.
Demonstration : Click on this link to open the article “Coming by train or by plane”. You can note that the path is :
Reception > Practical information > How to come to Moux > Coming by train or by plane
This article is therefore under the topic “How to come to Moux” (which also appears in the blue window), and which itself is under “Practical information”.

Enter the key words and click on «OK». The list of articles and topics containing the words appears on the screen.

Useful links
Whatever the article or topic displayed, these links are always visible on the screen and give access to general information.

Links at the bottom of the screen
Located on the last line at the bottom of the page, these links are visible all the time.


This site contains 193 articles filed in 47 topics. To obtain a more effective filing, some topics may be put together. The major topics are the following :

  • History : History of Moux and Burgundy.
  • Tourism and Leisure : Places to visit
  • Lodging : Camping sites, cottages or flats to rent, hotels
  • Directory : List of all the professionals, services and associations in Moux-en-Morvan
  • Practical Information : Maps and plans, Mairie (Town Hall)
  • Gallery : Photos of Moux, of the surroundings and the Lake

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